falsememoryocdcover-kdpIt’s with no small measure of pride that when I Google the term False Memory OCD I see a link to one of the web pages on this site right near the top. In fact, several links to this website appear on the first page of results at Google. Chock one up for proper search engine optimization.

The fact is, I have published several articles on False Memory OCD on OCDLife.ca and it turns out that they, combined, are the second most read articles on the whole website. There seems to be a whole lot of interest in False Memory OCD going by the traffic to this website. That’s the reason why I decided my third book on the subject of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder would be on False Memory OCD.

False Memory OCD: What it is and how to recover it was published November 16, 2016. It’s a book primarily for sufferers of this OCD variant but can also be a valuable resource for people who know someone suffering from it.

The book takes the reader through the basics of what OCD is: What are obsessions and compulsions, a section on OCD severity and how common OCD is. It then delves into what makes False Memory OCD unique and what types of intrusive thoughts sufferers have and even what their likely compulsions are. Then the book takes a look at the best method to recover from the phenomenon, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, tailor made for False Memory OCD.

False Memory OCD: What it is and how to recover it is available at all Amazon websites, for Kindle and other electronic devices and as a paperback. I think it’s a great resource for people wanting to know more about this devastating OCD theme.

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