14BROD.1412973246494.tmagArticleThe New York Times Monday posted an article on OCD that is refreshingly bang on.

“…O.C.D. is often socially, emotionally and vocationally crippling,” writes Jane Brody, who goes on to list some compulsive behaviors she exhibits.

“But these common habits fall far short of the distressing obsessions and compulsions that are the hallmarks of O.C.D.: intrusive, disturbing thoughts or fears that cannot be ignored and compel the sufferer to engage in ritualistic, irrational behaviors to relieve the resulting anxiety,” said Brody.

Bully on her. In one paragraph, Brody helps to stem the tide of misinformation surrounding OCD. Sufferers are not all anal retentive neat freaks. We take no joy in our compulsions and we suffer.

Brody takes on OCD compassionately, talking through the worst (she gives an example of a man with a severe case of OCD who died by suicide) to the best — treatment is available and is usually successful.

Read the New York Times article here.