indexAccording to Google, just over 51,000 people every month search for the terms OCD test, OCD test online, OCD symptoms test, test for OCD, OCD tests and do I have OCD test. That’s a lot of people searching for some kind of test for OCD.

If you’re looking for an OCD test online, be forewarned. There’s a lot of junk out there on the Internet when it comes to tests for OCD. Some of the bigger OCD charities do have tests or articles about tests but there are far more tests that end up being jokes than anything else.

OCD is seen, by many people in the general public, as the domain of anal retentive neat freaks, which isn’t true. However, based on that belief, some people have come up with tests that are supposed to rate a person’s predisposition to being a fusspot. If you come across such a test, ignore it, click back on your browser and start over.  Since OCD has little to do with how things are organized or clean, tests about those items are completely useless.

If you are truly concerned that you may have OCD, get informed about the disorder, skip the OCD test on your browser, understand OCD as best you can and then get yourself a copy of the YBOCS (Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale) and honestly answer the questions on it. The YBOCS is used the world over by psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists to help sufferers rate how much OCD affects their daily lives.

Nothing can replace knowledge when it comes to OCD. A basic understanding of what obsessions and compulsions are and your own unique situation will do far more good than any OCD test online.  A reasonable person can come awfully close to figuring out if they have OCD or not, given enough knowledge on the subject.

One of the problems with any test for OCD is that there are just so many different themes and types of the disorder that, unless the test is truly exhaustive, it can’t possibly ask all the questions necessary to help pinpoint if you have OCD or not.

Once you’ve gained knowledge of the disorder and you’ve read through and answered the questions on the YBOCS, and you then think you may be suffering OCD, head to your doctor for a chat. You’ll be armed with a good sense of where you’re at and your doctor can hopefully point you in the right direction… toward a person who can diagnose you properly.

If you’d like to check out the YBOCS now, click here.