LogoSquareThings are coming along with the website. As of October 10 we have 19 total pages published. That includes six posts and 13 static pages.

The static pages cover What is OCD, an explanation of obsessions and compulsions, stats on OCD and several pages on related disorders.

On October 10 the front page changed in format to something a little nicer to look at. We’re hoping that the front page layout will work with the addition of a forum in the future. We want the forum and associated items to be front and center on OCD Life.

For the remainder of October the focus will be on content. In the world of the web, content is king. There will be many more static pages added, covering topics such as other disorders related to OCD (anxiety disorders, depression, etc.) and the varying types of treatment available and recommended for OCD.

There should also be a number of additional posts made on OCD in October.

No update available when forums will be available, but hopefully it won’t be too long.