Book a Peer Support Session for just $39!

Have a conversation with a very knowledgeable, empathetic ex-sufferer of OCD today!

Dave Preston has been offering Peer Support Sessions for a short while and already many people have taken advantage of this offer to delve into their version of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and learn what it takes to get on the road to recovery. From Boston to San Jose, people have signed up for a 55-minute phone call with Dave to talk about their specific OCD situation.

Dave is not a therapist, counsellor, psychiatrist or psychologist but he was a 40-year sufferer of OCD who took the bull by the horns and recovered. He is the creator of, the author of three books on OCD (more are on the way!), the creator of several OCD videos on YouTube and responsible for 13,000 posts on OCD forums, where he helps current sufferers on their journey to wellness.

An influential lay expert on OCD, Dave is now, for a limited time, offering a 33% reduction in the regular price of Peer Support Sessions to sufferers in Canada, the United States and Great Britain! The price (only up to May 31, 2017) has been slashed from $59 to $39 U.S. That’s an incredibly affordable price to pay for just about an hour with a recognized leader in OCD recovery and assistance.

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  • Strictly confidential service.