ScullyGillian Anderson, best known as Scully on the X-Files series, was interviewed by the Daily Mail in the UK this week about her life and career. During the interview, Anderson made a mental health faxu pas all too common these days.

It’s clear that Anderson likes to be in charge. ‘Ask anyone I work with and they’ll tell you I’m OCD about my schedule. I even colour-code it,” states the Daily Mail.

No, Gillian. You weren’t OCD about your schedule. Not unless you suffered crushing anxiety, doubt and angst when working on your schedule. Not unless you have highly distressing intrusive thoughts about your schedule relentlessly. Not unless you are compelled to fix your schedule again and again and again.

In general, obsessive compulsives are not anal retentive neat freaks who organize obsessively. That’s a worn out stereotype that needs to go the way of the Dodo bird. It’s a shame that too many people incorrectly talk about OCD as if they know what the terrible mental disorder is like.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is typified by intrusive, unwanted thoughts, urges or impulses (obsessions) that cause distress and repetitive behaviors, actions or rituals (compulsions) that are performed to try and alleviate the distress.

The complete interview with Gillian Anderson can be found here.