I’m pleased to announce that the OCDLife.ca OCD Forum is now open.

It is my hope that the forum will come to be a place where sufferers will help sufferers on their journeys toward recovery. There are other OCD forums out there but, for the most part, they are located in the UK and tend to cater to UK residents. This forum is for everyone but I am concentrating on marketing it to sufferers in North America. That does not mean that others are not welcome to post, however.

I have a lot of experience with online forums. The largest OCD forum in the world (that I know of) is the OCD-UK forum, which has been operating for more than 10 years. I have been an active participant of that forum going on three years now. If you’ve ever been to that forum, you probably know who I am. My username there is PolarBear and I’ve amassed nearly 12,000 posts, helping hundreds of people on their journeys to recovery.

Feel free to sign up and post your concerns in the forum. I’ll personally be keeping an eye on the forum and answering questions when I can. I’m sure we’ll eventually have a stable of knowledgeable people to help others.

You might notice a few posts on the forum that are more than a year old. That’s because I tried to start a forum back then but it didn’t grab hold. Hopefully this time around things will be different!

You can access the forum by clicking on ‘OCD Forum’ in the navigation bar at the top of the page.