LogoOCD Life has been around for a couple of years now and I’m starting to get some interesting statistics about what people are reading on the website. Here’s the Top 10 pages read on OCDLife.ca:

  1. Sexual obsessions can generate groinal responses    This is by far the most read web page on the site. It’s interesting that the most read web page is about the physical side of OCD sexual obsessions, which itself is a fairly unknown phenomenon.
  2. Guilt OCD or Real Life OCD    The second runner-up is an article on Guilt or Real Life OCD. This is a poorly misunderstood OCD theme that affects a lot of people.
  3. False Memory OCD    The third runner-up is an article about another little known OCD theme, False Memory OCD.
  4. How to stop ruminating    This is an article on ruminating — what it is and how to stop doing it. Ruminating is probably the single biggest compulsion performed by OCD sufferers, across all themes.
  5. OCD Life    Just the home page!
  6. OCD thoughts do seem real    An article on how real intrusive thoughts can seem and how that is normal for OCD.
  7. POCD Pedophile OCD    Otherwise titled: POCD — when you think you’re a pedophile.
  8. The hell of False Memory OCD    A newer article looking at False Memory OCD.
  9. Dave    Just a listing of all the articles I’ve published on the website.
  10. OCD Books    A page about all the books I’ve written on the subject of OCD. There’s more coming!