LogoTrigger warnings, especially those in group/forum titles, are not allowed on OCD Life.

It is common on the World Wide Web for users to post trigger warnings prior to making a post in online forums. The rationale behind this practice is to warn other OCD sufferers that the content of the post may trigger their OCD.

Content throughout OCDLife.ca and throughout the Member Community could potentially trigger certain OCD sufferers. All readers of OCD Life should do so at their own risk, knowing that there will be material available that could trigger them.

Trigger warnings do nothing but interfere in the layout of the website and draw attention to certain posts.

Given that OCD comes in an incredibly wide array of themes, it is nearly impossible to post something on the website without having the possibility of some of the content being a trigger for someone. The reality is so many things could be a trigger that every post or comment would have to come with a trigger warning. That is impractical, so OCD Life has a rule that there will be no trigger warnings anywhere on the website.