OCDLife.ca is a community of and for OCD sufferers. Certain features of the website may suggest the disclosure of personal information. Disclosure of such information is entirely at the discretion of the user.


In order to use the many features of the website, users are required to register as members of the website. The website requires a username (which does not need to be a real name) and an email address.

The username will be visible to anyone visiting the website. Your email address is held in confidence and will only be used on rare occasions when it is deemed necessary to contact you. Email addresses are also used as a way to contact you should you forget your log in password.


For a more enriched user experience, users may, at their own discretion, add personal information to their user profile, including such information as the location/country where they live, a brief bio and gender. Such information is not required and care should be taken by users before including such information in their profiles.

Posting Personal Information

OCDLife.ca frowns on the posting of other personal information beyond what is given during the registration procedure or as optional in the user profile. Users should not post information such as address, telephone numbers, social media information or other information that can identify them on the website where anyone can see such information.

It is at the discretion of each user if they wish to disclose such information privately using the website’s private messaging system.