LogoSquareMajor changes have taken place to OCDLife.ca this month. We’ve installed a new theme (Mesocolumn) that brings with it a much cleaner, brighter look to the website. Navigation is much simpler on the new site.

We wanted to simplify the website to make it easier for OCD sufferers and their friends and family to find the information they are looking for. Our old WordPress theme was a bear to operate with far too many user-changeable options.

The biggest change with the new theme is that it uses a responsive layout. That means (unlike our old theme) that the website will correctly display on all devices, from laptop and desktop screens down to iPhones and Android cellphones.

We have also opened up comments to general visitors. This is a test to see if we can get more comments on stories. Previously one had to be a registered member of the site in order to comment but now anyone with a valid email address can leave a comment. This leaves things open to spammers but we have several programs running on the site to limit the ability of spammers to leave junk comments.

If you have a comment about the website’s new look, please feel free to leave it below. We value your input!