ocdawareweekOCD Awareness Week this year takes place from October 9 to 15. It’s a worldwide effort to bring more awareness to OCD and the plight of sufferers.

For this special week, I will:

  • Run a series of articles on this website about OCD and its impact on the people who suffer from it;
  • Take to Twitter to raise awareness that OCD is a serious illness and not a personality quirk;
  • Hold a town hall type seminar in my home town where I will describe my tribulations with OCD and how I recovered from it;
  • Send out press releases to local media letting them known about OCD awareness week, that I am a lay expert on OCD and an ex-sufferer of it and asking for an opportunity to be interviewed about OCD.

This is the OCD community’s big week. It’s our chance to tell the world, even a small part of it, that we aren’t anal retentive neat freaks, that OCD is a serious illness suffered by so many.

What are you going to do? Do you have some ideas you could implement to help build awareness? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below, send an email to okpoet (@) shaw.ca or tweet me @OCDLife.ca