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A $100 value for only $59!

Spend about 55 minutes with Dave on the phone, talking about your individual situation. You should choose this selection if you have never spoken with Dave before. Definitely useful for sufferers who have not been officially diagnosed and/or are not yet in therapy for their condition.

In this session, Dave will determine what is going on with your situation, provide useful information about how to proceed in the future and how to start or continue your journey on the road to recovery.

Talk about what your obsessions and compulsions are, get help figuring out what your compulsions are, review where you are in regards to therapy, determine if you are on the right path to recovery and receive assurance that you are not alone in your struggle.

Please make sure you enter your correct email address and telephone number in the checkout form. These will be used by Dave to contact you to set up your appointment and for any future communications.


Price: $59.00

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