LogoEmetophobia is an intense, irrational fear or anxiety pertaining to vomiting. This can include a fear of vomiting in public, a fear of seeing vomit, a fear of watching someone else vomit or a fear of feeling nauseated.

Emetophobia can affect people of all ages, from childhood through adulthood. The term comes from the Greek emesis, meaning an act or instance of vomiting, and phobos, meaning fear of.

There is no known single cause of emetophobia however research has shown that in amny cases there was some kind of traumatic event involving vomit, often in childhood, that precipitated the disorder.

Emetophobics may suffer other disorders and phobias. It is found comorbid with OCD and can be found in combination with social anxiety disorder, fear of flying and agoraphobia.

Poeple who fear vomiting or vomit often are terrified of experiencing vomiting or seeing vomit in a public place. They may restrict their social activities to avoid any situation involving alcohol or eating out in restaurants.

Emotophobics have been known to limit contact with children because of a fear of germs. Females may delay preganancy out of a fear of morning sickness. Some people may avoid travel out of a fear of motion sickness or others experiencing it around them.

Research has shown that emetophobics often have difficulties leading a normal life.

Many emetophobics have rituals around eating and food preparation. Often only certain foods can be eaten and those that are eaten are strictly handled to avoid getting sick.