Are you sick and tired of OCD running your life?

Introducing Peer Support Sessions – where an ex-OCD-sufferer leads you down the same path to recovery he took.

Dave Preston* is a Peer Support Specialist who has helped hundreds of OCD sufferers with his practical, no-nonsense advice. He suffered for 40 years before asking for help. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention, and a lot of hard work, took Dave to a place where he no longer suffers from OCD.

Now he wants to help you!

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on treatment that you hope works. Get an initial assessment and practical advice for just $59 (U.S.) See that Dave knows OCD, inside and out. Learn where you are at and where you need to make changes to overcome OCD.

As a way of saying thanks for booking your initial assessment, Dave will send you a PDF copy of his book, The Little Book of OCD!

After your initial assessment, each session is just $59. Additional sessions will include:

  • defining obsessions and compulsions.
  • Cognitive work.
  • how to stop compulsions.
  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).
  • weekly homework.

Sessions are usually weekly and done by telephone. Clients should be prepared to commit to a minimum of five sessions but that is not compulsory. If you are gaining benefit from your Peer Support Sessions with Dave, keep going!

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This form of OCD treatment is currently available by telephone only, to residents of Canada and the United States.

Peer Support Method

  1. Click here to select the amount of Peer Support time you wish to book. Then click on ‘Add to Cart’.
  2. Near the top of the page, click on ‘Checkout’.
  3. On checkout you will be rerouted to the PayPal secure server. OCD Life never sees your credit card information.
  4. Within about 24 hours Dave will email you to set up a date/time for your Peer Support Session. If this is your first session, Dave will also send you a PDF copy of The Little Book of OCD.

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OCD is chronic but it’s not terminal! Start your recovery today

*Dave Preston is not a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, therapist, counselor or social worker.