TruthBeToldFinalI am pleased to announce that Truth be Told: A journey from the dark side of OCD is now available in paperback!

Truth be Told: A journey from the dark side of OCD is the story of one man’s journey from the depths of mental hell to the promised light of recovery. This dramatic, absorbing and moving narrative will make readers re-evaluate what they thought they knew about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

For nearly 40 years, Dave suffers from horrible intrusive thoughts but he keeps it all a secret from those he loves. He finds himself in the middle of a police investigation and his world crashes around him. In desperation, he seeks professional mental health help. He is diagnosed with an extreme case of OCD, which not only answers why he had the terrible thoughts for so long but also why the police showed up at his door.

As one reader put it, “(I) can feel that fear, despair, isolation, the descent into insanity, the utter hopelessness. It’s a powerful read.” Truth be Told is also about how the power of love, education, resiliency and the right mental health plan can help to overpower a devastating mental disorder.

Formatting for Kindle was relatively easy and that’s what I went for first, publishing the Kindle version an Amazon in May. It took a bit longer to figure out how to properly format a paperbook book, plus designing an outside cover to stringent standards. The result, however, is a for-real book, with a cover and 270 pages!

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